Our History

Our History

SSS was created in 2011 to lead the implementation of the Severn Sound Sustainability Plan (2009). Although the Plan is no longer a key driver of the SSS project, the pillar structure of environmental protection and integrity, community well-being and economic prosperity continue to remain the fundamental principles that guide SSS and our approach to sustainable programming.

In 2015, SSS underwent a Strategic Planning exercise which resulted in the development of the Sustainability Action Plan (2016-2018) – used to guide the work of SSS and the Sustainability Committee moving forward.

One aspect of the Sustainability Action Plan, was the Municipal Sustainability Report Card (2016). This document is a comparative tool and looked at our municipal partners through the lens of sustainability (social, environmental and economic considerations). The goal was to recognize and celebrate sustainable practices, while also identifying gaps and encouraging further action by sharing information on actions implemented by other municipalities.

Climate change was identified as an existing gap within this inaugural report card, and was listed as a priority action item by our local municipalities. In 2017, SSS became known as the climate change hub for our area – initiating the development of the Local Climate Change Action Plan for our 7 area municipalities and their communities (2018).

As we move forward, SSS continues to work in collaboration with our municipal partners, on the development of municipal-level climate change actions plans that will compliment the regional plan and provide added direction in terms of long-term climate action.

Severn Sound Sustainability Plan, 2009
Baseline Survey of Community Opinions on Sustainability, 2015
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Sustainability Action Plan (English), 2016-2018
Sustainability Action Plan (French), 2016-2018
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Local Climate Change Action Plan: Regional GHG Summary, 2018