Municipal Action Plan

In March 2022, Council authorized for the The Township of Springwater to join the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Program. The Township of Springwater is currently working on gathering data to create a corporate and community greenhouse gas (GHG) baseline to achieve Milestone One of the PCP program. The Township will set a target for reduction as part of Milestone Two, and work with the community on developing a local climate change action plan as part of Milestone Three.

Learn more about the work that Springwater is doing to protect and preserve the environment by visiting https://www.springwater.ca/en/living-here/environment.aspx.

“The Township of Springwater is excited to join the FCM-PCP program to address climate change. We want to protect the environment for our future generations”Councillor Danielle Alexander

“We look forward to working together with staff, council and the community on this important initiative”Mahesh Ramdeo, General Manager, Infrastructure & Operational Services

Info on GHG Emissions?


Achieved March 2022

Milestone 0

Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

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