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SSS is here to speak to you about climate change and the Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP): Regional Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Summary. You can request assistance, submit an idea, suggest a project, or sign-up for our newsletter to stay updated to surveys and incentives, workshops and funding opportunities.

Responsibilities of SSS and the Sustainability Committee include:

  • Prepare and submit reports to meet membership requirements and advance our partner municipalities through the PCP programís 5-milestone framework
  • Promote, communicate and educate municipalities and the community about SSSís role and the progress of the LCCAP, further defining SSS and the Sustainability Committee as the areaís climate change and sustainability Ďhead-quarters'
  • Collaborate with municipalities and the community to create and implement projects that deliver on the LCCAP recommendations
  • Provide research and information as requested by our partner municipalities (i.e., best practices, funding and grant information, and GHG data analysis)
  • Seek funding opportunities, prepare applications and administer grants to fund municipal and community-based climate action projects.

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