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Climate Leadership Committee

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Working Together to Support Local Climate Action

SSS project staff work with members of the Municipal Climate Leadership Committee (MCLC) to advance actions within their respective Municipal Climate Action Plans and the Local Climate Change Action Plan and to progress through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities-ICLEI Canada Partners for Climate Protection 5-Milestone program.

What is the purpose of the Municipal Climate Leadership Committee?

1. Enhance communication and idea/information-sharing amongst the SSEA’s six (6) municipal Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Program members (Towns of Midland and Penetanguishene, Townships of Georgian Bay, Severn, Tiny, and Tay) to support progress in the implementation of their respective Municipal Climate Plans, leading to the achievement of PCP Program Milestones 4 and 5.
2. Identify opportunities for strategic coordination and collaboration among the SSEA’s partner municipalities that participate in the PCP Program, and that will contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.
3. Identify areas of common interest, issues, concerns and/or opportunities related to Municipal Climate Plans and actions to advance climate change mitigation and
4. Act as a discussion group to bring forward communication and recommendations to the SSEA Board of Directors, which may include actions and related projects from the SSS special project’s regional-scope Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP) and the six (6) Municipal Climate Plans.

What are the responsibilities of the Municipal Climate Leadership Committee?

  1. Collaborate and create partnerships that will lead towards the implementation of actions from the Municipal Climate Plans.
  2. Determine the need to recommend to the SSEA Board of Directors the establishment of working groups on an ad-hoc/sector-focused basis or specific to a particular opportunity or action.
  3. Liaise with interested stakeholders to identify new potential initiatives for further consideration.
  4. Offer guidance and direction to the SSEA’s Sustainability and Climate Action Coordinator regarding the need for tools, funding, best practice research, resources, workshops, and presentations to support Municipal Climate Plan implementation.
  5. Participate in the process/prioritization of Municipal Climate Plan opportunities and future considerations.
  6. Promote and support the efforts by the MCLC to advance Municipal Climate Plan implementation within their respective municipality.
  7. Provide advice relating to the overall implementation of the six (6) Municipal Climate Plans.
  8. Inform SSS project of future/upcoming municipal needs and priorities around climate sustainability.

Who participates as members of the Municipal Climate Leadership Committee?

The Municipal Climate Leadership Committee is composed of the municipal and Council representatives to the PCP Program, as identified by each municipality upon joining the PCP Program. These representatives are listed within the Municipal Climate Leadership Terms of Reference.

How often will the Municipal Climate Leadership Committee meet?

The committee will meet up to (4) times per year subject to agenda content and need. Additional meetings will be at the call of the Chair if required for timely matters. The Committee will set the meeting schedule annually at the first meeting of the year. Meetings will generally be held virtually via Zoom or another online meeting application. When feasible, in-person meetings may be held during regular business hours at the call of the Chair.