Climate Leadership Committee

Climate Leadership Committee

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Sustainable Severn Sound (SSS) is a special project of the Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) and is governed by the SSEA Board of Directors.

SSS project staff work with members of the Municipal Climate Leadership Committee (MCLC) to advance actions within their respective Municipal Climate Action Plans and the Local Climate Change Action Plan and to progress through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities-ICLEI Canada Partners for Climate Protection 5-Milestone program.

“Climate change efforts require a collaborative approach. The climate leadership shown by the Severn Sound municipalities during their relationship with SSS has put us on the path to realize actual GHG reductions, achieve cost savings and improve the quality of life for our residents. The merger of  SSS with SSEA will ensure the effective implementation of our corporate climate change action plans, and pave the way for watershed resiliency and our future climate adaptation work.”
Steffen Walma, Chair of the SSEA Board, Municipal Climate Leadership Committee member, Deputy Mayor Township of Tiny

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