County of Simcoe: Special Events Recycling Manual


The County of Simcoe (the County) is located in South-Central Ontario, and is comprised of 16 lower tier member municipalities. Approximately 138,000 households receive recycling collection services from the County with these households dispersed over an area of 4,840 square kilometres. The majority of the population is located in settlement areas, with the remainder scattered through rural areas that make up the bulk of the land area within the County.

Project Name and Description

Special Events Recycling Manual

Project Contact

Jillian Fairchild, C.E.T., Project Coordinator

County of Simcoe, Solid Waste Management Department

1110 Hwy. 26

Midhurst, ON

L0L 1X0

P: 705.726.9300 x. 1040


Date of Implementation

The original pilot launched in 2010 with significant changes made in the spring/summer of 2012.

Projects Goals

The Event Reecycling Manual was developed to provide a program to residents, event coordinators, and municipal partners that would reduce the amount of waste requiring disposal from events in the County, and to provide a system/program that provided consistent messaging to its residents between recycling at home and in public, open spaces, and at special events. It should be noted that the County does not have the legislative authority to provide collection services to the Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (IC&I) sector which includes special events; however, the approved Solid Waste Management Strategy (2010) recommended the County develop a special events recycling program.


The main reason for moving forward with this project was the direction from the Solid Waste Management Strategy.


Event organizers feedback indicates that the existing program for usage of the free special event bins, signage, and best practices information/training manual was not convenient.Generally, they would prefer County staff deliver and set up receptacles and signage, remove and dispose of materials; essentially to provide full waste management services for their special event, at no cost. In addition, the program generally experiences high contamination rates due to the lack of ownership of waste associated with away from home recycling.

Financial Considerations

The County invested approximately $8,000 into the purchase of the units and for the printing of the manuals. This does not include the staff time to manage the program.Again, it should be noted that eventís organizers have indicated they would like a full service program; however, the costs to the County to provide this service would be prohibitive and staff do not see this as having a reasonable cost benefit ratio.

Measures of Success/Impacts

While the uptake on the program is not significant (average of 5 to 6 non-County events per year) in most cases the event organizers have reported improved diversion of recyclables from their events compared to using alternate bins with no signage.

Project Rationale

The County will continue to offer the program as it is currently offered, but does not have the staff resources to offer the additional services that users have indicated they would like.The County may expand the number of units and pick-up/drop-off locations in the future (currently only one location in Midhurst) if there is sufficient demand for the program.

Document Link or Attachment

Event Recycling Training Manual 2012

Corporate Services Committee Item CS 11-159: Special Events Recycling Study

Committee of the Whole Item CCW 14-038: Updates on Public Space and Special Event Recycling Pilots

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1110 Hwy 26
Midhurst, Ontario, L0L 1X0