Township Of Tiny: Health And Fitness Day

Municipality Description

The Township of Tiny is part of Simcoe County in south-central Ontario and can be found in the Southern Georgian Bay region. It is the most northerly township of Simcoe County and occupies most of the Penetanguishene peninsula.

The Township has a total area of 344 square kilometers and has a coastline on Georgian Bay measuring 70 kilometers. The southern boundary, about 16 kilometers long, abuts the Springwater Township and the northern tip of the Town of Wasaga Beach. The eastern boundary, 17 kilometers long, marks the western boundary of Tay Township. The Township skirts the municipalities of Midland and Penetanguishene and embraces the coastline in a sweep around the peninsula.

The Township of Tiny includes the following communities/hamlets:

  • Lafontaine,
  • Perkinsfield,
  • Wyevale,
  • Wyebridge, and
  • Toanche.

In addition to the mainland and Giant’s Tomb Island, the Township also has three First Nations Islands; Christian, Hope, and Beckwith. Christian Island is home to the Chippewa people of the Beausoleil First Nation and is a self-governing body. The Beausoleil First Nation also owns an 8 hectare shoreline property on the mainland, specifically in the Cedar Point area, which accommodates private dwellings for individuals who wish to live on the main land. It is also used for the ferry service to and from Christian Island.

Project Description

Following the passage of the National Health and Fitness Day Act in 2015, more than 240 cities & towns across Canada have proclaimed the first Saturday in June as National Health and Fitness Day. This provides an opportunity for the Township to mark the day with local events to celebrate and promote the use of indoor and outdoor sport and fitness facilities.

Tiny’s Health and Fitness Day event is designed to introduce residents to new and healthy activities, engaging all ages in fitness and community involvement. Local groups, health advisors, fitness instructors and recreation associations were in attendance to offer information on health and fitness.

The day began with an opening ceremony led by MP Bruce Stanton and Tiny Mayor George Cornell, with the day’s activities running from 12pm until 4pm. Events included a bike safety check from Mark Matthews of Total Sport/The Bike Stop, Lawn Bowling by Midland Lawn Bowling, Tai Chi and Pickle Ball demonstrations by the members of the Askennonia Seniors Centre, dance demonstrations from Dancer’s Studio, a softball skills event featuring Wyevale Parks and Recreation Association, a bicycle rodeo from the OPP and the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, and fitness demonstrations by Denise Eccles. The Township also had both their trails posters and their Wyevale Park Master Plan posters on display for the community to view.

Lunch was provided by Wyevale Parks and Recreation and featured local food producers; Annie's Meat Pies a baked potato bar from Fer Mar Farms and Pop Heart, a local business featuring all-natural frozen pops. The proceeds from the lunch were collected to help in the purchase of equipment for the new soccer pitches in Wyevale.

Date of Implementation

  • 1st Event: June 6, 2015
  • 2nd Event: June 4, 2016
  • 3rd Event: June 3, 2017

National Health and Fitness Day (NHFD) is an initiative to make Canada the ‘Fittest Nation on Earth’, selecting the first Saturday in June as the day when Canadians ‘get out and get active’.

Goals for the Township included:

  • Introduce the community to health and fitness opportunities offered in the Township,
  • Engage with community members, especially youth and families,
  • Nurture community connections and encourage new community partnerships, and
  • Increase the long-term health, fitness and overall activity by the community.

List of Project Partners/Committee Members

Community Recreation Advisory Committee

  • Steve Barber, Community Member
  • George Begley, Community Member
  • Cindy Hastings, Councillor
  • Lynn Moon, Community Member
  • Christine Patenaude, Community Member
  • Barbara Willis, Community Member

The committee works directly with citizens and Council in the Township to promote a culture of civic engagement, build great neighbourhoods, and enhance family and community capacity, and coordinate service delivery.

Connection to the Township’s Strategic Plan

Support Community Health, Safety & Well-Being.

Promote wellness and active lifestyles. Improve access to healthcare services and improve connectivity across the Township. Build well-planned Communities that are healthy, diverse and safe.

Community Engagement. Promote a better connected and more engaged community. Keep our citizens engaged by promoting open, inclusive decision making and governance.

Township of Tiny Strategic Plan

List of Attendees (Community Groups and Organizations/Businesses)


MP Bruce Stanton delivered a letter to Tiny Council, requesting the that the Township proclaim the first Saturday in June as National Health and Fitness Day, which led to Council direction to the Community Recreation Advisory Committee to develop a complimentary event in the Township. The Townships biggest proponents for the event were Councillor Cindy Hastings and Deputy Mayor Steffen Walma, who were directly involved with the planning and implementation of the event.


List 2-3 points of frustration faced with this project, and describe how you or the project team developed solutions to those challenges.

Attendance – getting people to the event has been a challenge, although the turnout numbers did increase over year one. The CRC has suggested that for the next event, they reach out to community sports teams and organizations and invite them to host an activity during the event. In 2017, the event is also planned to occur in multiple locations – with the main location to be moved to Perkinsfield.

Communications and awareness, which compliments attendance, was also difficult, with the main media initiatives being posters and newsletters. The Township will also reach out to the North Simcoe municipalities, and request assistance with promotion of the event. In 2017, the CRC has considered adding radio advertisements to better inform the area of the event. Councillor Cindy Hastings developed the website for the event, which will also be built up to support the 2017 event.

Financial Considerations

What was the cost of the project? How was the project funded? Internally or externally? If externally, where was the support acquired (i.e., grant program, community donations, multiple methods)?

As the project was supported by Council, $10,000 was allocated in the 2015 budget to host the event – with most of those funds being utilized by completion of the 2016 event.

Measures of Success/Impacts

How has the project helped your municipality or department achieve its sustainability goals? What specific metrics can you share about the impact it has had?

  • Number of Attendees: 2015 (100+) 2016 (200+)
  • Number of Organizations/Businesses Involved: (12)
  • Number of Local Food Meals Served: (100+)
  • Funds Raised for the Wyevale Soccer Pitch ($500)

Project Rationale (Summary)

Why would you encourage other municipalities to adopt/implement a similar practice?

Events such as Health and Fitness Day can inspire residents to become fitter and more active. By leading by example and working together with residents, community groups and businesses, municipalities can help increase the rates of physical activity across generations and impact the long-term health and wellness of the community.

Main Project Contact

Bonita Desroches, Community Recreation Coordinator


P: 705.526.4204 x.230

Document Link or Attachment

Tiny Health and Fitness Day Website

National Health and Fitness Day Website


Type of Case Study

☒ Education and Outreach

☒ Policy Adjustment or Development

☒ Partnerships & Collaboration

☐ Enforcements & Incentives

☒ Implementation of Programs & Services

☐ Facilities & Infrastructure Improvements


Proclamations by Partner Municipalities

  • Town of Midland
  • Oro-Medonte
  • Township of Severn
  • Simcoe County

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