Township of Georgian Bay: Fresh Food Basket


The Township of Georgian Bay is a large pristine area of islands, lakes and rivers within the District of Muskoka on Georgian Bay at the entrance to the 30,000 Islands. The Township contains three major settlement areas of Port Severn, Honey Harbour and MacTier. The population of approximately 2,400 permanent residents is complimented by a large number of seasonal residents, which are estimated as 15,958 per the District of Muskoka, representing almost 85% of the Township’s total population.

Project Name and Description

The Fresh Food Box Program makes top-quality, fresh food available to improve community health, foster community development and promote nutritious eating. The produce is delivered once a month to the Township of Georgian Bay Community Services Building Services Building at 99 Lone Pine Road, Port Severn, and to MacTier Arena located at 9 Haig St, MacTier. Fresh Food Basket customers pay $20 for a regular basket, or $25 for a family basket.

Project Contact

Jennifer Whiston

Community Support Worker

P: 705.538.2337 x.261

Date of Implementation


Project Goals and Benefits

The Fresh Food Basket Program enables community members to:

  • Buy in bulk and purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from local businesses at lower prices, offering increased access to food through affordability and proximity,
  • Increase community connectedness, both for residents and local businesses and organizations, while also building new partnerships and residents, and
  • Offer training opportunities (i.e., recipes, workshops, or newsletters) to share information around healthy eating and healthy foods, and
  • Promote local purchasing and the ecological impact of eating local, including reducing one’s ecological footprint by limiting resource use and minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

List of Project Partners

The project is led by the District Municipality of Muskoka, with the Township of Georgian Bay being 1of 7 Good Food Basket locations.

List of Key Stakeholders

(i.e., open houses, community information sessions, and community presentations about theprogram. How do you get the word out?

The key stakeholders are the members of the community being those that utilize the program to have imporved access to healthy foods. The Township posts infromation regarding the prgram in their E-News, as well as through general communications (posters, word-of-mouth, etc.)


What was your municipalities’ main reason for moving this project forward? Who was the biggest champion for the project?)

The Good Food Basket Program was developed by the Township’s upper-tier municipality; the District Municipality of Muskoka, and rolled out into the Township by the District staff. Township staff act as local coordinators, but are not responsible for full project management.


Summarize 2-3 points of frustration faced with this project, and describe how you or the project team developed solutions to those challenges. If none, indicate n/a.)

The largest challenge is ensuring access to the Good Food Basket project for rural residents; especially the pick-up of baskets, as transportation for some of the residents remains a challenge. No solution has been successful at this time, although discussion continues on how to improve access points.

Measures of Success

How has the project helped your municipality or department achieve its sustainability goals? Is the Township collecting any specific metrics on the impact of the project, and if so, what are those impacts?

  • Number of Years Project has Been Available to the Community: 6
  • Percentage of Food Box Items Locally Sourced (average): 85%
  • Number of Local Farms or Businesses which Support (and are supported) by the Project: 6 (average)
  • Number of Participants in the Program (per year): 15 Family Baskets per Year in the Township of Georgian Bay*
  • Number of Baskets Distributed Annually Through the Program*(180)
  • Weight**of Fresh Food Provided to Residents Annually* (1,550 lbs.)

*Program services full District Municipality of Muskoka, number represents an approximate measure for the Township of Georgian Bay only **Based upon an average weight of 8 lbs. per box.

Municipal Contact Information

99 Lone Pine Road

Port Severn, ON L0K 1S0

P: 705.538.2337

F: 705.538.1850

Type of Case Study

☒Education and Outreach

☐Policy Adjustment or Development

☒Partnerships & Collaboration

☐Enforcements & Incentives

☒Implementation of Programs & Services

☐Facilities & Infrastructure Improvements

Additional Resources

Good Food Box Program Flyer

Community Services, Township of Georgian Bay

Nutritious Food Basket (NFB) Survey by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

Website: Visit Site


99 Lone Pine Road
Port Severn, Ontario, L0K 1S0