Economy and Employment

Action on climate change has the potential to create jobs. Resources and tools are becoming more available to help businesses and individuals become more energy-efficient and accelerate the shift to a low-carbon society. Weather can greatly affect tourism, and especially for the ‎beach, nature and winter ‎sport tourism segments. Changing climate and ‎weather patterns at tourist destinations and ‎tourist-orientated communities can significantly affect the touristsí comfort and their travel ‎decisions. ‎Changing demand patterns and tourist flows will have an impact on businesses ‎and on host communities, as well as effects on ‎related sectors, such as agriculture, ‎restaurants and hospitality sectors, arts and culture, and construction.

Read more here on the impacts of climate change to the economy by the Bank of Canada.

Considerations: What industries are present in the area? Are they vulnerable to a changing climate? What responsibility does the business sector have to reduce the emission of GHGs? What new technologies should be considered? How should the business sector act on climate change?


December 14th, 2017

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