Transportation Planning and Traffic Management

The term automobile dependency was coined in the 1980ís by researchers to help explain the car-centric community design prevalent in most North American communities. Sustainable transportation approaches are being considered more frequently by planners and the communities they serve, making better use of the existing infrastructure and focusing on active modes of transportation such as walking, cycling and inventive public transit plans. Integrating more sustainable methods of transportation into the planning of neighbourhoods can reduce the costs of transportation for residents, and also provide them with the opportunity to lead healthier and happier lifestyles.


October 16th, 2016

What is Sustainable Transportation Planning & Traffic Management + Our next speaker event on Nov. 29 + congrats 2016 Sustainability Leadership nominees!

December 15th, 2016

New SSS Website + Video Now Available from Nov. 29 Event + Congrats 2016 Sustainability Leadership Recipients + Report Card + Funding Opportunities

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