Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Excessive energy consumption contributes to climate change, pollution, spills and many other forms of pollution. Canadians are among the heaviest per capita users of energy (Gunton & Calbick), and this disproportionate use can and has revealed itself in high costs for energy, as well as expensive inefficiencies in commercial and industrial equipment. Research has shown that the best alternative to more capital investments is to reduce consumption. Beyond that, investments and decisions that make better use of the energy produced are extremely important. Energy efficiency and a transition to renewables can result in savings and support increased education opportunities, community economic development and energy independence.


December 15th, 2016

New SSS Website + Video Now Available from Nov. 29 Event + Congrats 2016 Sustainability Leadership Recipients + Report Card + Funding Opportunities

January 26th, 2017

Penetanguishene Invites You to Their Climate Change Assessment Workshop + Municipal Energy Training Survey + Leadership Award Feature + 6 Funding Opps!

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