Greener, Food-Secure Communities

Communities of all sizes are beginning to understand the concept of urban ecology, which examines the relationship between living things in urban environments and includes the urban environment of as part of the ecosystem. This incorporates that nature, even in the urban environment, offers valuable environmental service, such as temperature moderation, water filtration, air purification, and the absorption of carbon dioxide to mitigate climate change. Bringing nature back to urban environments can also reduce the disconnect between humans and the natural world, and help ensure people are considering their communities as living ecosystems. Communities can significantly enhance the services of the urban environment through preserving and restoring aquatic and open green spaces, choosing site-appropriate plantings and green infrastructure into the built environment.


December 15th, 2016

New SSS Website + Video Now Available from Nov. 29 Event + Congrats 2016 Sustainability Leadership Recipients + Report Card + Funding Opportunities

January 26th, 2017

Penetanguishene Invites You to Their Climate Change Assessment Workshop + Municipal Energy Training Survey + Leadership Award Feature + 6 Funding Opps!

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