Facing Climate Change: 2016 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report

The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) reports annually to the Legislature and the public on Ontario’s progress reducing GHG emissions. In the first chapter of the 2016 report, the ECO reviews the science of climate change, its impacts and why Ontario must dramatically reduce its GHG emissions. The report includes information on what Ontario’s emissions are now, and what the government is doing to reduce them. The government has taken significant steps towards GHG reductions in 2016, and the recommendations in this report will help to enhance those moving forward. The focus of this report is on climate change mitigation and reducing GHG emissions, and it speaks to the impacts of climate change, the carbon footprint of Ontario, Cap and Trade, Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan, the potential for improvements to GHG reduction through education and a summary of recommendations to the province to enhance their efforts.