Conservation: Let´s Get Serious Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report – 2015/2016

This report from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario finds that:

  • Over 80 per cent of Ontario’s energy supply comes from fossil fuels,
  • Ontarians could save $450 million annually through energy efficiency upgrades of broader public sector building,
  • Energy conservation remains the cheapest source of new energy in Ontario,
  • Ontarians spend far less on natural gas conservation than on electricity conservation, even though electricity is Ontario’s cleanest energy source,
  • Ontario has no meaningful transportation fuel conservation policies, and
  • Ontario’s spends over $600 million in fossil-fuel subsidies annually.

Sections include:

  • What Happened in 2014 - 2015?
  • Transportation Fuel
  • Public Buildings
  • Codes and Standards
  • Measuring the Value of Energy
  • Conservation
  • Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  • Recommendations