ICES Municipal Policy Toolkit

Investing in Integrated Community Energy Solutions (ICES) addresses energy consumption while also improving the overall quality of life for our communities. Energy and emissions reduction actions are strongly influenced by government policy choices. Upper-tier legislation and policy such as the Planning Act, the Provincial Policy Statement, the Building Code Act, the Green Energy and Economy Act, and the Places to Grow Act, are important in this regard. But, equally important are the choices made by local governments.This toolkit has been created in order to help guide these choices and bring attention to ways in which ICES can be adopted by communities. Canadian municipal case studies in the areas of Land Use, Transportation, Buildings, Infrastructure, Waste, and Water and Sanitation are profiled.

This toolkit was developed through collaboration with the Ontario Power Authority, Canadian Urban Institute, and Canadian Environmental Law Association, with overall direction provided by Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST). We wish to acknowledge the following individuals for their invaluable contribution: Toolkit Project Staff Team Caitlin Patterson, Research Assistant, Canadian Urban Institute Sara Reed, Research Planner, Canadian Urban Institute Toolkit Advisory Group and Review Panel Brent Gilmour, Canadian Urban Institute Theresa McClenaghan, Canadian Environmental Law Association Julia McNally, Ontario Power Authority Members of QUEST’s Ontario Caucus who participated in a focus group workshop for this document: Curt Benson (Region of Niagara), Mark Bessoudo (Halsall Associates Ltd), Heather Donison (City of Hamilton), Mike Douglas (Sheridan Homelands), David Greey (Greey CTS Inc), Kirk Johnson (City of Toronto), Richard Lazslo (Pollution Probe), Tonja Leach (QUEST), Brian Lennie (Horizon Utilities), Eleanor McAteer, (City of Toronto), Bernie McIntyre (Toronto and Region Conservation Authority), Julia McNally (Ontario Power Authority), Ian Miles (Guelph Hydro), Christopher Morgan (City of Toronto), Anna Palamarchuk (Waterfront Toronto), Mary-Ellen Richardson (Canadian District Energy Association), Ed Seaward (Union Gas), and John Warren (Canadian Urban Institute). Local government staff and others who provided information for case studies and toolkit development: Karen Antonio-Hadcock, Michael Armstrong, Ted Battiston, Michèle Bertol, Andrew Bevan, Alaya Boisvert, Devin Causley, Ken Church, Deborah Curran, Michael D’Andrea, Eric Engstrom, Lee Failing, Kim Fowler, Rob Kerr, Kinden Kosick, Charles Kubert, Fokko Kuik, Janet Laban, Nils Lundkvist, Emmanuel Machado, Jennifer Nichols, Scott Pasternack, Joseph Phelan, Laura Porcher, John Purkis, Dan Stone, Ben Themens, Janet Walsh, and Richard White. The text describing policy development and policy instrument selection has been adapted and reproduced with permission from the BC Ministry of Environment Land and Parks’ Stewardship Bylaws: A Guide for Local Government and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, respectively.