Supporting Municipalities in Local Climate Change Action: A Presentation by SSS

What is the Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP)?

The LCCAP includes the development of a community-wide GHG inventory, the setting of corporate and community GHG reduction targets, and the creation of an action plan to reduce GHG emissions in order to meet the identified GHG reduction targets. For the purpose of this report, the GHG inventory is aggregated to represent the total emissions of the seven municipalities, and also individually for each Town or Township. Initiatives arising from the implementation of the LCCAP will reduce the overall GHG emissions within our seven municipalities.
During the plan development phase, SSS took into consideration existing municipal plans and strategies of our seven partner municipalities in order to align with, and contribute to the larger objectives of each local government. As SSS develops each respective municipal LCCAP staff will work with our partner municipalities to integrate those GHG inventories, GHG reduction targets and climate change actions from the LCCAP into internal municipal documents where possible (i.e., conservation and demand management plan,council and/or community-based strategic plan, official plan, asset management plans, etc.).

Why develop a LCCAP?

  1. Demonstrates leadership among small rural municipalities
  2. Acts as a valuable planning tool in reducing GHG emissions
  3. Alignment with policy and legislation
  4. Realization of numerous co-benefits
  5. Increased access to funding
  6. Streamlined approach to the utilization of resources
  7. Collaborative projects allow for improved implementation

Supporting Municipalities in Local Climate Change Action: A Presentation by SSS